Monday, May 14, 2012

Organization TIP: Keeping Track of Borrowed Kid's Clothes

If you're blessed like me, you have friends who pass along their children's clothes for your kiddos to use.  This was the case for me with both daughters.  The first one was given clothes to borrow from two different friends, one of them labeled all the tags so when it came time to sort through them and give them back, it was very simple. 

This time around, I was given some clothes to keep for my sweet baby girl and some to borrow.  I thought I would remember what came from where (because I'm usually really good about that) but I have found that because I'm now focusing on three kids instead of one, I'm much more forgetful. So, when I was putting away the 0-3 month clothes I thought that maybe I wouldn't use the borrowed clothes for 3-6 months to avoid confusion in another 3 months.  But, I did it, I peeked at the borrowed clothes for the next three months and they are SO. CUTE. (thanks Mandy) so I decided I'd have to come up with a plan for getting all the clothes back in the right place.

I thought about labeling tags, but there are so many clothes and some tags are missing or hard to find.  So, here is the solution I came up with.

I took pictures of the clothes that were borrowed so I have a quick visual inventory when the time comes to pack them up to give back to my friend. Pretty clever if I may say so myself :) 

I grouped like clothes together: dresses, rompers, two piece outfits, etc. and took pictures of 3-4 outfits at a time. 

Now I'll not only know where each outfit belongs, I'll also be sure none of them went missing. 

Getting Organized...


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