Monday, May 21, 2012

The First of Many "Makeover Mondays"

These days everyone is getting into recycling, upcycling, reusing, and using what we have.  In the spirit of upcycling, I am starting a series called "Makeover Mondays" where I will be sharing an idea that takes an old item and gives it an overhaul - a Makeover! 

Today is the first of these makeovers, and I want to share a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to create a paint smock or two for your children.  My daughter loves to paint and in my experience, washable paint is only washable if you wash it immediately.  As a laundry procrastinator, I had to come up with a solution.  So, I created a paint smock that would not allow the paint to bleed through to her shirt. 

I took a trip to Goodwill, found my inspiration - an old vinyl tablecloth! 

I folded the tablecloth in half lengthwise, and cut it in this shape (I just eyeballed it, but you could always fold a halter dress in half lengthwise and lay it on the tablecloth as a guide).  Then I took some contrasting ribbon and made two strips to tie around her neck and two to tie around her back and pinned them in place. 

I then cut enough to sew around the edge of the paint smock (folding it in half lengthwise as I sewed). I used green thread to make it more playful and because I didn't have yellow thread to match the ribbon. And, I was done. 

(My niece reluctantly modeling the smock)

But then I decided it would look cuter with a pocket, so I cut a rectangle, sewed ribbon around the edges and sewed it to the smock on the sides and bottom of the pocket.  I pictured the pocket getting used to hold paint brushes, etc., but I found that it is really just there for 2 years, it has never been used :)

(My other niece who had been waiting all her life to be asked to model - smile)

My daughter was 2 years old at the time I made this and my niece was 8 - it fit both I know it will last her at least six years. 

And, a quick picture of the back...

Let the painting begin!


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